Monday, May 26, 2008

Zoo Fun!

Last Saturday we went to the zoo with some family in the area. It was lots of fun, and the weather was great for the morning excursion. Lucy hadn't been to the zoo since last Summer, and was able to enjoy the whole experience much more...especially since she had her Nana there to show her around. She even cried when we left because she had so much fun.

Ben was unimpressed, and slept in the sling for much of the time we where there. He could have cared less - he just wanted to be sure he got to eat, sleep and have a clean diaper on.

Just for your viewing pleasure, here are some pics from the outing.

Lucy and Nana watching the monkeys

Ben snoozing in the sling

The girls and Ben (Carol, Stephanie, Ben, Janet, Cathy (Nana) and Lucy)

Nathan and Ben

The only animal picture taken...these are much uglier than I thought they were when I was a kid!

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