Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our BIG boy!

It is hard to believe that it has been two months since we became a family of four, and that our little (BIG) Ben was born. It has been a wonderful, and challenging, two months. I am grateful, though, for every moment of those two months. They have been some of the sweetest I have had in my short life of not quite 29.

Monday was Ben's two month check-up with our pediatrician. Everything looked good. Dr. Jones made some comments about Ben being secure with himself in his pink diaper (the others were dirty, and these are from when Lucy was a baby). As always, our little guys is off the charts in weight. This kid really loves his breastmilk. Here is the rundown on how he has been gaining weight:

8 lbs 5 oz - birth
11 lbs 15 oz - 1 month
15 lbs 13 oz - 2 months

Um...they are supposed to double their birth weight by six months. You think it means he is an overachiever by doing it by two months?

In other news with Ben, he has started smiling and cooing in the last few weeks. We have been working hard to capture these moments on film, and hope to have some pictures to post soon. Until then, enjoy these.

The consensus with my mom and sisters is that Ben definitely looks like our side. Specifically, like my dad. Anyone care to comment? Here is a picture of my dad and sister, Stacey, at her graduation last year.


Haley Frederick said...

Well, I'm not sure who he looks like, but he is some kind of cute. I can't believe he is 15 lbs. That is just too funny! I would definitely call him an over achiever.

Anonymous said...

He's such a cute lil' chunk! I totally agree...he looks just like your Dad!

Brittany said...

He is TOO cute!! I think he does look like your dad, and I can't believe he is already 15 pounds!! My word! Its kinda like after you get married you gain weight becaue you are happy and stisfied...I think it is the same with him...he is loving his life!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie, he is huge! I checked my records...Gray was 14 lb 4 oz at 2 months and we thought that was big! Ben is adorable! Can't wait to meet him!