Saturday, April 12, 2008

I love babies and birth!

Oh, how I get so giddy and excited about pregnancies, labor and delivery, and new babies! I was reminded of this earlier in the week.

In my previous post, I mentioned taking Ben to my chiropractor, Cindy. Not only is she the chiropractor I saw during my pregnancy with Ben, she is also a midwifery apprentice with my midwife, Ann. She was there for Ben's birth, and was so great in helping me deal with lower back pain during transition. I love Cindy. She is the best!

Anyway. Cindy, and her husband are both chiropractors. Their office is connected with Gentle Beginnings Birth Center, where my midwife catches babies (well, there and at the homes of many me!). The two offices are in one building, and connected pretty much all around. I love going there, and am always so happy when I leave. The environment is just so welcoming and exciting (if you are a natural birth/living junkie like me), and I always end up meeting someone that I have something in common with (which is not always easy for me).

When we went for Ben's appointment this week I had planned on stopping by the birth center to say hello my midwife and her other assistant, Abby. It turns out that there was a first-time mom giving birth, so a visit wasn't going to happen. Disappointing, but thinking about someone getting to experience motherhood for the first time was so exciting to me. was happening in that very building!

By the time I left I noticed that the lights were off in the waiting area next door. I asked how far the mom next door had progressed. The receptionist told me that she was pushing at that point. Even as I type this I can't tell you the excitement I get just thinking about that. It was just so sweet to think about that the whole way home that day. I know...I am a dork, but it really is such a sweet time (especially in certain environments).

Today, I was reminded of the sweetness of this when we were at Archie's Gardenland to get some supplies for our veggie garden. The guy helping me was a son of one of the owners, and his wife was in the beginning stages of labor as he helped me. His mom came out asking about her contractions, and was so excited. Then his dad came out and was asking about it too. You could just tell that everyone there was excited and anticipating this little one that will probably enter the world soon. Again, it was just so sweet, and my heart gets all warm thinking about it.

Anyway. I am a total sap and love birth. If you know me at all, you already know this. And you have probably grown weary of me spouting off about natural childbirth, homebirth, midwives and the like. Well, it is likely that won't end any time soon. And, you can count on me to have some posts about it in the future. I am sure you are all waiting with anticipation (insert rolling eyes).


Brittany said...

I love babies and births too!!...and I would never grow weary hearing you talk about it...because I talk about it all the time too...we're crazy together!

Haley Frederick said...

I love it too! "Birthin' Babies" (that must be read with your best "Gone With the Wind" accent) is something I love talking about, too. I went to a baby shower today and the mom-to-be is planning a home birth with a midwife. Have you ever thought about being a midwife, Stephanie?

Stephanie said...

I don't know if I could handle the schedule with little ones. Maybe someday.

I have probably thought more about teaching the Bradley classes. I think I'd like that, but the certification process is an intense year. So, who knows...

anesheia said...

Wow, you are doing such a great job, you are an awesome Mom! If it is any consolation, I tell other people your birth stories! I am still waiting for Bens.