Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Future Dental Hygienist?

Just a random (not normal!) happening at our house...

And for the record, I believe they had been to the dentist earlier in the week. So, flossing was fresh on their minds. Ben was complaining he had meat stuck in his tooth, so Lucy offered to help. Hands were washed before and after. ;)

Baby Walking Stick

Random nature find one night in April. Look how little he was! That is a dime next to him for comparison. By the end of summer we will find walking sticks that are at least 3-4 inches long. We've never seen one this small. We all agreed he was pretty cute at this size.

Later this same night Nathan saw a turkey in our front yard. Since this also coincided with the chalk episode previously posted, it was quite the night of fun! 

Awana Awards

A couple of weeks ago the kids had their awards night at Awana. Samuel finished his first year in Cubbies, Ben finished his first year in Sparks, and Lucy finished her third year in Sparks (she will be in T&T next year). I am so proud of how hard the kids worked to hide God's word in their hearts. Nathan and I pray that it takes root and bears fruit in their lives.

Samuel in his Cubbies class. He finished his whole book this year. Good job, Sam!!

Ben in his Sparks class. He finished his book and a lot of his review. Their is a huge jump in the amount to memorize from Cubbies to Sparks. We weren't sure how he'd do based on what Cubbies was like last year, but he blew us away with how willing he was to work on this. It has been great to see God already working in his heart and using the verses he memorizes in Awana.

Lucy had her last year of Sparks this year and finished her book, her review, and extra credit. She loves Sparks and does almost all of her work for this on her own. I am thankful that she has a desire to work at this, and that she cares about learning more from God's Word.

Afterwards there was pizza and ice cream for the kids and their families. The kids might have been a little excited about this part of the night. Somehow I managed to miss out on the pizza (and chose to skip the ice cream)...something about them running out while I was busy talking. :)

Adventures of the Chalk Kids

A few weeks ago the kids came up with the grand idea of making some body paint with their brand new sidewalk chalk and water. See below for the results. They had a blast. Nathan and I laughed pretty hard watching their antics and joy. Their was quite the pink ring around their bathtub at the end of the night (which reminded us of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back).

Lucy, the mastermind behind this whole thing.

Samuel. He couldn't look more like his daddy if he wanted to! He's not gotten much blog time lately, but I hope to rectify that soon. He is such a fun kid, and a cutie pie on top of that!

Samuel doing the honors of "painting" Annie.

Ben...can you see the hand prints? 

Silly kids doing what they do best - being silly!

Lucy's Ballet Recital

Lucy had her ballet recital at the end of April. This was her third year in ballet and she continues to really love her class, her teacher and most everything about it. We are thankful for the little ballet school she gets to be a part of and love that the focus is to honor God.

Right before Lucy and Mommy left for rehearsals. I loved her dress this year.

Finishing up a very fast dinner in the lobby with the Dorin kiddos. Lucy absolutely loved that she and Danielle were able to be in ballet together this Spring semester since the they came off the mission field. Most weeks Annie picked Lu up for ballet class since we were on the way. That was a huge blessing to me sine it happens to be during our Annie's afternoon nap. 

Sweet friends!

Lily (Danielle's little sister) striking a pose before her performance. She was in the youngest class there.

Lucy's class with their teacher, Miss Hannah. 

Lucy and her friend Abigail from church. These girls are so sweet and enjoy getting to go to each other's "events" to encourage each other.

Lucy and Miss Hannah.

As much as I know Lucy loves her ballet class, I am glad it is over for the year. A summer break from most things is always nice, I find. Getting us all ready and out the door for a 30 minute activity for one child can be a chore at times, but I have to continually remind myself that we are making these sacrifices to bless Lucy. As a family we will all take turns sacrificing something to bless one another. So, as silly as it might seem, I find this little ballet class as an opportunity to "die to self" and learn to consider others as more important than myself. Lord willing, I'll continue to grow in this year by year. Thankfully, it is an easy decision to continue on with this activity since Lucy loves it so much (and really, the other three love seeing their friends that are there as well).

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lucy's Garden

A couple of weeks ago Nana took Lucy to a plant sale. It was a fun outing for the two of them, and Lucy came home with her own collection of plants to care for. She is very excited about having her own plants to care for.

Lucy showing off her hard work in replanting. We have the Julie Child's rose (which is a Carruth hybrid), mint, marigold, lemon thyme, two tomato plants (which are mine, thank you Nana!) and a pincushion plant.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Look! No training wheels, Ma!

This was the day after Nathan took Ben's training wheels off his bike. Ben was motivated by seeing all his friends riding bikes on dirt hills without training wheels on the church camp out. Nathan told Ben that he'd build a dirt hill for him once he could ride without training wheels...I guess he has some work to do now.